William F. Warren

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William F. Warren
Born William Fairfield Warren
13 March 1833(1833-03-13)
Williamsburg, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Died 7 December 1929 (96) [1]
Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Religion Methodist Episcopal Church
Alma mater Wesleyan University (1853); Andover Theological Seminary
Workplace(s) Boston University School of Theology, acting president (1866-73); Boston University, president (1873-1903); Boston University School of Theology, dean (1903–1911)
Affiliations Mystical Seven (Wesleyan)
Spouse(s) Harriet Cornelia Merrick (m. 1861)

William Fairfield Warren (March 13, 1833 - December 7, 1929) was an American Methodist minister and educator, noted as the first president of Boston University.

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