Waldemar Julsrud

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Waldemar Julsrud
Born 16 October 1875(1875-10-16)
Bremen, German Empire
Died 30 November 1964 (89)
León, Mexico
Known for Acámbaro Figurines

Waldemar Robert Ludwin Julsrud Walden (October 16, 1875 - November 30, 1964) was a German-born hardware merchant and amateur archaeologist, most well-known for the Acámbaro Figurines, a collection of some 33,000 ceramic figurines (including humans from various cultures and animals, some resembling dinosaurs) that he reported having discovered and excavated near Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico during July 1944.

Selected Bibliography

  • Julsrud, Waldemar (1947) (in Spanish), Enigmas Del Pasado, Acambaro, Gto.  — [English: "Enigmas of the Past"]