W. R. C. Latson

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W. R. C. Latson
W. R. C. Latson - portrait.jpg
Born 17 March 1866(1866-03-17)
New York
Died 11 May 1911 (45)
New York City, New York

William Richard Cunningham Latson (March 17, 1866 - May 11, 1911) was an American physician specialising in dermatology and self-described "esoteric psychologist" interested in Asian (Orientalist) mysticism. Latson was the editor of Health-Culture magazine, which was advertised as holding a line "opposed to drugs, vaccination and operations," and wrote extensively on physical culture, autointoxication, hygienic dietetics (including vegetarianism and raw foodism), and certain materials of interest in New Thought circles.

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