Viktor Grebennikov

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Viktor Grebennikov
Виктор Степанович Гребенников
Born 23 April 1927(1927-04-23)
Simferopol, RSFSR, USSR
Died 10 April 2001 (73)
Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsk, Russia

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov (Russian Cyrillic: Виктор Степанович Гребенников; April 23, 1927 - April 10, 2001) was a Soviet Russian artist and autodidact interested in entomology (insects) and apiology (bees), studies that drew him to a belief that some insect flight is caused by "cavitary structure effect," the structure of chitin producing a form of anti-gravity. On the basis of his CSE discovery, Grebennikov claimed he had built a single-person flying platform that he operated in flights over the Soviet Union, but which he was unable to document using his camera, owing to the chitin's "geometric energy" creating a "time-shifting force field."

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Selected Patents

  • RU2061509C1. Гребенников, В. С. Device for applying energy. 10 June 1996, filed 4 Nov. 1993. "Device for energy exposure, containing a source of therapeutic effect, including a layer of cellular structure from solid material formed by rhythmically spaced cavities, for example bee honeycombs, characterized in that the source of therapeutic effect is provided with additional layers of a similar cellular structure, and all layers are equipped with holders , for example, in the form of frames that are superimposed on one another with the possibility of a fixed connection."