Udo Wartena

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Udo Wartena
Born 22 July 1903(1903-07-22)
North Holland, Netherlands
Died 15 December 1989 (86)[1]
Oregon City, Clackamas Co., Oregon
Religion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)

Udo Andree Wartena (July 22, 1903 - December 15, 1989) was a Dutch-born gold miner who was reported by Warren Aston to have told friends in 1989, near the end of his life, that he had sighted a disc-shaped object and encountered its pilots during May 1940 while prospecting at the base of Boulder Mountain near Confederate Gulch in Broadwater County, Montana.

Encounter (1940)

A pair of entities that piloted the hydrogen-fuelled disc craft that Wartena observed were described as human-looking with white hair and "clear, almost translucent skin," being dressed in light gray overalls, tam o' shanter caps, and moccasins. For his part, Wartena was given a brief tour of the ship and told about how it functioned over a period of perhaps two hours before disembarking, an experience that left him drained and unable to move for some time afterward.

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