Tyrone Zoltan Denessy

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Tyrone Zoltan Denessy
Born 2 April 1920(1920-04-02)
Dragesti, Transylvania, Roumania, Kingdom of Hungary
Died 16 January 1986 (65)
Mclean, Fairfax Co., Virginia
Nationality Hungarian (by birth); American (nat. c. 1961)[1]
Workplace(s) DuPont Chemical; Standard Oil Co.; National Academy of Sciences (Prevention of Deterioration Center)

Tyrone Zoltan Denessy (April 2, 1920 - January 16, 1986) was a Hungarian-born research chemist and physicist who devised a theory that cancer is caused by a dysfunction of what he called "torque-converting liquid crystals" on the atomic level, in particular elemental zinc (thus the "Zinc Instrinic Factor"), which he proposed act as atomic "switches" to the organs of the body.

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