New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College

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New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College
Motto Sana Mens in Corpore Sano
("A healthy mind in a healthy body")
Formation 1853; chartered as Hygeio-Therapeutic College in 1857
Dissolution 1867
Successor Hygeio-Therapeutic College of New Jersey
Purpose/focus Hydropathy
Headquarters New York City
President R. T. Trall

Trall's New York Hydropathic and Physiological School, later the New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College, first organised by Russell Thacher Trall in 1853 and chartered in 1857, was a private medical school in New York City, focusing on hydropathy (water cure) and hygienic therapy. The college was the first in the United States to enroll women and men in equal standing.

After nearly a decade in operation in New York, Trall relocated his practice and college to Florence Heights, New Jersey.