Thomas Townsend Brown

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Thomas Townsend Brown
Born 18 March 1905(1905-03-18) [1]
Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio
Died 27 October 1985 (80) [1]
Los Angeles, California
Burial Avalon, Los Angeles, Cal.

Thomas Townsend Brown (March 18, 1905 - October 27, 1985) was an American researcher who studied electrical physics, specifically dedicating his attention to what he termed the Biefled-Brown Effect, an electrical phenomenon whereby a high voltage applied to an asymmetric capacitor experiences a force acting toward the thinner electrode, now believed to be due to a unicharge ion wind.[I]

Selected Patents

  • GB300311. A method of and an apparatus or machine for producing force or motion. 15 Nov. 1928, filed 15 Aug. 1927. "The Specification states that if two conducting bodies rigidly connected have a difference of electrical charge there is a resultant unbalanced gravitational force which will produce motion."
  • US1974483. Electrostatic motor. 25 Sep. 1934, filed 7 Feb. 1930. "This invention relates to a method of producing force or motion by applying and maintaining high potential electro-static charges in a system of chargeable masses and associated electrodes."
  • US2949550. Electrokinetic apparatus. 16 Aug. 1960, filed 3 July 1957 by Whitehall Rand, Inc. "My invention relates to electrokinetic apparatus, and more particularly to a method and apparatus for utilizing electrical potentials for the production of forces for the purpose of causing relative motion between a structure and the surrounding medium."
  • US3018394. Electrokinetic transducer. 23 Jan. 1962, filed 3 July 1957 by Whitehall Rand, Inc. "This invention utilizes heretofore unknown electrokinetic phenomenon which I have discovered, namely that when pairs of electrodes of appropriate form are held in a certain fixed spacial relationship to each other and immersed in a dielectric medium and then oppositely charged to an appropriate degree, a force is produced tending to move the surrounding dielectric with respect to the pair of electrodes."
  • US3022430. Electrokinetic generator. 20 Feb. 1962, filed 3 July 1957 by Whitehall Rand, Inc. "My invention relates to electrokinetic methods and ap paratus, more particularly to electrokinetic apparatus, for generating and utilizing electrical potentials."
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