Thermo-Magno-Ray Thermapax Health Applicator

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The Thermo-Magno-Ray Thermapax Health Applicator is a metal, cap-shaped shell helmet containing an electric heating coil, formerly manufactured and sold by Rhys Davies of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The stated purpose of the device, per an accompanying pamphlet entitled Magnetic Rays: A Powerful Factor in Restoring and Preserving Health, was to promote health by exposure to the heat and magnetic field generated by the applicator, promising to rectify "electrical deficiency in the blood" and all manner of other ailments,[1] including autointoxication and toxemia, for which cause several were seized by the F.D.A. in 1946[2] and again in 1949.[3]

Davies had received a patent, US1819076A, for a similar device in 1931, intended for the therapeutic application of heat to the face via an electric mask;[4] the Thermapax has the appearance of being similar in function, applied instead to the scalp and head.


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