The Visitor (newsletter)

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The Visitor
Editor Don Wysocki
Categories Ufology
First issue 1956
Country United States
Language English

The Visitor was an English-language ufology newsletter, published by Don Wysocki for the Detroit-based Interplanetary Relations[1] (later renamed Detroit UFO Research Group) in Belleville, Michigan, published beginning in 1956.


  1. Wysocki, Don (24 June 1957), Munsick, Lee R., ed., "Re: THE VISITOR, Letter to the Editor", UFO Newsletter (Washington, D.C.: New Jersey UFO Group) (8): 5,,%20Lee%20Munsick)/UFO%20Newsletter%20no%208.pdf, retrieved 2017-03-14, "First, we would like to state that THE VISITOR is not published by the Study Group on Interplanetary Relations. The SGIR was dissolved almost two years ago. The Interplanetary Relations has been formed by a group of independent civilian UFO investigators with headquarters in Detroit. This group did include a large number of members of the old SGIR who wished to take a continued active part in Flying Saucer research. The group's name (has led to) confusion as to the identification and affiliation. It now appears certain that this group will select a new name and we will announce this as soon as it has been decided upon."