Rochester Brotherhood

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Rochester Brotherhood

Formation 1887-11-03
Headquarters Rochester, NY
Founder Josephine W. Cables
Main organ The Occult Word

The Rochester Brotherhood was an esoteric society, organised by Josephine W. Cables at Rochester, New York on 3 November 1887, dedicated to the study of the Christian Scriptures and the teachings of Theosophy.[1]



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (November 1896), Rochester Brotherhood, "Masonic and Arcane Societies in the U.S.", Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 14 (11): 275,;view=1up;seq=289, retrieved 2016-10-18, "This society was organized in Rochester, N.Y., November 3, 1887. "Peace be with you." Its symbol is a triangle, with R.B. in the center, LL at the upper point, SS at the left point, and KD at the right point, all inside. LL — "Live the Life"; SS — "Search the Scriptures"; KD — "Know the Doctrine"; The Brotherhood published "The Perfect Man is the Anthropomorphic God." "Christos" in Greek letters enclosed in a circle surrounded by a halo. There were about 100 members."