The Phantom Empire (1935 film serial)

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The Phantom Empire
Gene Autry and the Phantom Empire
Directed by Otto Brower, Breezy Easton (B. Reeves Eason)
Produced by Nat Levine
Written by Wallace MacDonald, Gerald Geraghty, Hy Freedman, Maurice Geraghty
Starring Gene Autry, Frankie Darro, Betsy King Ross, Dorothy Christy, Wheeler Oakman, J. Frank Glendon
Mascot Pictures
Release date
Running time
245 minutes (12 episodes)
Country United States
Language English

The Phantom Empire is a serial film in twelve parts, released in 1935 by Mascot Pictures, which details the discovery by Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy, and his assistants of an underground remnant of Mu, known as the Scientific City of Murania, beneath Autry's Radio Ranch in New Mexico and their subsequent confrontations and adventures. A highly abbreviated version of the serial, running seventy minutes (compared to the over four-hour run-time of the full serial), was released as a feature film in 1940 under the title Men With Steel Faces (or Radio Ranch).



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