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The Beginning

Oklahoma City (1905-1906)

  • (During his murder trial, Sharp reported he had been mentored by John Adkins (Aitken) during his group's time at Oklahoma City. Morning Tulsa Daily World, above, mentions Aitken died while in the asylum at Norman; later reports suggest this to be false, that he was released in 1906, then re-arrested after rejoining the Sharp camp.)

Colorado (1907)

Canada (1908)

Sharpe's letter to the Mounted Police: "To save bloodshed, use some judgment; if you are determined to take me dead or alive, I would rather you would shoot me from ambush and not shoot any of my followers, and then you would not be taking chances of getting shot. I will never give up alive. If I have to continue being among sinful men I had rather die; none can say that Jesus is the Christ only by the Holy Ghost. The spirit came to Christ in the shape of a dove and it came to me in the shape of a lion; as it is written I would be like a lion among the Gentiles, according to the Scriptures; I would be raised up of your brethren. I don't want to kill; I want to do good. David and Jesus Christ is one. When the Doukhobors receive me, then the Lord will prove me, and your eyes can open wide."
  • MacBeth, R. G. (1922), "On Land and Sea", Policing the Plains: Being the Real-Life Record of the Famous Royal North-West Mounted Police, London, New York, Toronto: Hodder and Stoughton, Ltd., p. 248-249,  — [briefly details the incursion into Canada, conflict with Mounted Police]
  • Johnson, Gilbert (1970), "The Adamites", Saskatchewan History 23 (2): 70-74 

Kansas City and the "Adam God" Riot (1908)

Detailed coverage:

The Trial (1909)

Later Years