Swamp Chill and Fever Tonic (patent medicine)

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Swamp Chill & Fever Tonic
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Medical Claims The tonic "regulates the bowels, enriches the blood, improves the appetite, purines the system, quickly and completely freeing you from the dreaded malaria germs."
Vendors Morris-Morton Drug Co.;
Swamp and Dixie Laboratories

Swamp Chill and Fever Tonic was a general curative tonic, manufactured and sold by Morris-Morton Drug Co. (later Swamp and Dixie Laboratories, Inc.) of Fort Smith, Arkansas, which was promoted as a treatment for "colds, chill, poor appetite, and run-down condition," as well as "malaria and every kind of fever and ague" (hence the name chill and fever).[1]


The Federal Trade Commission found that the tonic contained "quinoidine (quinine), acetanilid, iron, nux vomica, formaldehyde, and syrup senna," stating that while "each of these ingredients may be beneficial at some stage in the treatment of malaria," they are "unnecessary and perhaps definitely counter-indicated at other stages and in other cases."[1]



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