St. Expedite

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St. Expedite
S Spedito Martire.png
Central portrait of St. Expedite from "Scenes from his life and martyrdom"
Advocate of Urgent Causes
Died 303
Melitene, Armenia Minor
Venerated Roman Catholic Church
Feast April 19
Attributes Depicted as a Roman centurion, a palm leaf in his left hand, a cross emblazoned with the word "hodie" (today) raised in his right, a crow with the word "cras" (tomorrow) under his left foot.
Patronage Expeditious solutions to urgent causes, against procrastination

Saint Expeditus (d. 303), also known as Saint Expedite, was, according to Catholic Church tradition, a Roman centurion convert to Christianity who was martyred in Armenia Minor during the Diocletian Persecution of 303 A.D. He is the patron saint of expeditious solutions (including emergencies), this benefaction often being attributed by hagiographers to a popular misinterpretation of his name (which originally means unencumbered).