Spacesearch (Космопоиск)

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Spacesearch (Космопоиск)
Formation 1980; registered, as ОНИОО, in 2004
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Moscow, Russia

Spacesearch (Russian Cyrillic: Космопоиск, Kosmopoisk; "cosmos, space + search"), formally known as the All-Russian Scientific Research Public Organization (RC: Общеросси́йская нау́чно-иссле́довательская обще́ственная организа́ция, ОНИОО), is a Moscow-based ufology organisation, founded in 1980 by Vadim Chernobrov (Вади́м Чернобро́в) and members of the Moscow Aviation Institute (МАИ), and reformed and registered in 2004 as ОНИОО.