Space-Time Tunnel (时空隧道生成实验装置, Ruitai Technology)

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Space-Time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device (Chinese: 时空隧道生成实验装置) is a proposed technology described as an "experimental apparatus for generating a time tunnel" that is detailed in Chinese patent CN101380603A, which was published and assigned in 2009 to its inventor, Guo Weiwei (郭伟伟), and is reportedly under development through his Shanxi-based Ruitai Technology Development Co. (瑞泰技术开发科技有限公司).

The space-time tunnel became a subject of some interest after a Microsoft PowerPoint file about its planned development was leaked online via social media platforms and received subsequent news coverage in early 2021. The slideshow was apparently created by Zhejiang Tourongjie (浙江投融界科技有限公司), a financial information service, and detailed proposals for Ruitai Technology to build the device on a ¥200 million budget with the support of members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of High Energy Physics. The claims of a collaboration were quickly denied by the CAS, and Ruitai itself likewise disassociated itself from the proposal, faulting Zhejiang Tourongjie for the uproar.[W]


  • CN101380603A, 时空隧道生成实验装置 (Space-Time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device), 11 March 2009, filed 6 Aug. 2008. "The invention relates to the technical field of space-time crossing, and provides an experimental apparatus for generating a time tunnel. The experimental apparatus for generating the time tunnel comprises a vacuum seal cylindrical laboratory, wherein, the vacuum seal cylindrical laboratory is connected with an air pump; a rotating device is arranged in the vacuum seal cylindrical laboratory; the rotating device is connected with a motor by a magnetic suspension zero-friction bearing; the top and the bottom of the rotating device are provided with a magnetic suspension roll packer and a magnetic suspension circular orbit; the upper part of the rotating device is provided with symmetric vibrating troughs; a high-frequency vibration machine is arranged in each vibrating trough; a superconducting coil is arranged between the symmetric vibrating troughs; a lifter is arranged below the superconducting coil; a seal conveying bin is arranged in the lifter; a magnet generator is arranged under the lifter, and is connected with the rotating device. The experimental apparatus has the advantages of promoting the realization of space-time crossing, replacing the conventional transportation, saving earth energy, greatly reducing environmental pollution and improving the global ecological environment, and can be applied to the development of military affairs and astronavigation technology."

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