Silva Mind Control

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Silva Mind Control is a self-improvement program based around the teachings of José Silva, claiming to offer methods of improving intelligence and extrasensory perception among other things by enabling students to bring their brain waves (neural oscillations) to the alpha (8–12 Hz) frequency through meditation techniques. Lectures and seminars on Silva Mind Control were routinely advertised beginning in the late 1960s by such companies as the Silva Mind Control Institute, the Institute of Psychorientology, Inc., and Dynamic Mind Development Corp.

Selected Works

  • McKnight, Harry; Silva, José (1972), Silva Mind Control Through Psychorientology, Laredo, Tex.: Institute of Psychorientology 
  • Silva, José; Miele, Philip (1977), The Silva Mind Control Method, New York: Pocket Books 
  • Silva, José; Bernd, Ed (1992), Sales Power: The Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals, New York: Putnam 

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