Senior Societies (university clubs)

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United States of America

Name University Founded Defunct Notes
Skull and Bones Yale 1832
Scroll and Key Yale
Spade and Grave Yale
Axe and Coffin Columbia
Owl and Padlock Michigan University
Skull and Serpent Wesleyan
Owl and Wand Wesleyan
Quill and Dagger Cornell 1893
Sphinx Head Cornell 1890
Order of Omega Cornell 1959
Skull and Scroll Colgate 1908 1934 Merged with Gorgon's Head to become Konosioni
Gorgon's Head Colgate 1912 1934 Merged with Skull and Scroll to become Konosioni
F.H.C. Society College of William & Mary 1750 a.k.a. Flat Hat Club
Sphinx Dartmouth 1885
Raven's Claw Dickinson 1896
The Tombs Duke 1903
Paladin Society Emory
The Order of Ammon Emory
Star and Lamp Furman
Quarternion Furman 1903
Anak Society Georgia Tech 1908
Red Dragon Society NYU
Philomathean Society NYU 1832 1888
Eucleian Society NYU 1832 1940
Old Crow Society Norwich
Night Riders Norwich
Skull and Swords Norwich
Brotherhood of the Golden Dagger Rutgers 1898 1940
Casque and Dagger Rutgers 1901
Cap and Skull Rutgers 1900