Sano-Scope Improved Diagnostic Apparatus

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The Sano-Scope Improved Diagnostic Apparatus (or Sano-Scope of Nicholin; sometimes spelled Sana-Scope) is an electro-mechanical device that was sold as a diagnostic tool,[1] and was advertised by practitioners during the 1930s as being used for examinations prior to Chiropractic and Soma Ray treatments. It was manufactured and sold by Nicholin's Research Laboratories of San Francisco, California.


  1. "THE SANASCOPE", Denton Record-Chronicle (Denton, Texas): 4, 24 May 1934,, "...through it a complete detailed analysis of bodily conditions can be made in a manner that will show the true cause of any existing diseases whether they may be of the simple type of those of a more serious nature, such as tuberculosis, internal cancers, tumors, etc. It diagnoses positively and accurately the condition of the various internal organs of the body, makes a bacterial analysis of the blood stream and indicates definitely the method of treatment to use."