Samuel Eaton Thompson

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Samuel Eaton Thompson
Born 4 September 1895(1895-09-04) [1]
Northfield, Minnesota
Died 12 December 1987 (92) [1]
Salem, Oregon
Nationality American

Samuel Eaton Thompson (September 4, 1895 - December 12, 1987) was an American contactee, having claimed that he boarded a Venusian saucer made of a "glowing, sun-colored substance similar to plastic" that had landed off the highway between Morton and Mineral in Lewis County, Washington on 28 March 1950, spending some forty hours with the tanned, long-haired blonde extraterrestrials that were aboard.

Press Coverage

  • "Centralian Tells Strange Tale of Visiting Venus Space Ship in Eastern Lewis County", Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Wash.), 1 Apr. 1950 
  • "Last January's Big 'Cold Blow' Gave Area Its Top News Story For 12 Months of 1950", Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Wash.): 3, 30 Dec. 1950, "April 1 — Samuel Eaton Thompson, Centralian, tells story of strange sight of huge plastic saucer, complete to inhabitants, which he saw in eastern Lewis county." 
  • "Sam Thompson Saw 'Em — Saucer People", Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Wash.): 6, 25 Mar. 1967,