Rokuseisenjutsu (六星占術)

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Rokuseisenjutsu (Japanese: 六星占術, ろくせいせんじゅつ, Rokusei Senjutsu; Chinese: 六星占術, Liù xīng zhān shù, Six Star Astrology) is a novel form of Four Pillars of Destiny-style genethliacal astrology that has been popularised in Japan by fortune teller Kazuko Hosoki (細木数子), a frequent guest on television panel shows, including Iron Chef (料理の鉄人).


  • 細木, 数子 (1982) (in Japanese), 六星占術による相性運入門, Tōkyō: ごま書房  — ["Introduction to Compatibility by Rokusei Senjutsu"]
  • 細木, 数子 (1985) (in Japanese), 六星占術による運命の読み方: あなたの運命は12年周期で摇れ動く, Tōkyō: ベストセラーズ  — ["How to Read Fate by Rokusei Senjutsu: Your Changing Destiny Every Twelve Years"]