Rich Schnackenberg

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Rich Schnackenberg
Born 30 October 1919(1919-10-30)
Chicago, Illinois
Died 23 September 2009 (89)
Las Vegas, Nevada

F. Richard "Rich" Schnackenberg (October 30, 1919 - September 23, 2009) was an American multi-level network marketer who operated Nutri-Bio (1957-1963), a health food supplement distribution franchise company, with J. Earl Shoaff, drawing on previous sales experience with Carl Rehnborg's Nutrilite Products and James Breckenridge Jones's Abundavita. In his later years, Schnackenberg established the Uniscope Foundation, which, it was said, existed "to fight crime by administering [Schnackenberg's] Concept of Totality Plan," a plan that involved distributing a Positive Thinking-type text called The BE Book and health food supplements.