René Thévenin

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René Thévenin
Alias(es) Maurice Chanteloup, André Valérie, Martial Cendres, Jean Sylvère, Robert Thierry
Born 5 December 1877(1877-12-05)
Paris, French Third Republic
Died 27 December 1967 (90)
Paris, French Fifth Republic
Affiliations Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

René Thévenin (December 5, 1877 - December 27, 1967) was a French naturalist and author, particularly of science fiction and weird fiction, which he often published under pseudonyms, including Maurice Chanteloup, A. Valérie, Martial Cendres, and others. In the English press, Thevenin was a regular contributor to the American Weekly, a Hearst newspaper extra, offering speculative scientific writings on subjects including future human evolution and inter-planetary exploration.

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