Ramón Llull

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Blessed Ramón Llull
Doctor Illuminatus
Raymond Lully - portrait (line engraving) - Wellcome V0003713.jpg
Lux mea est ipse dominus.
(Wellcome V0003713, CC-BY-4.0)
Born 1232-1236
Mallorca, Kingdom of Majorca
Died 1315-1316
Burial Basilica de Sant Francesc, Palma de Mallorca
Beatified 1847 by Pope Pius IX
Feast 30 June

Ramón Llull[i] (b. 1232-1236 - d. 1315-1316) was a Majorcan philosopher, poet, mathematician, and lay theologian, reputedly a member of the Third Order of Saint Francis (Franciscan tertiary), who was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church and assigned the title of Doctor Illuminatus.

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  1. Ramón Llull is how his name is spelled in Catalan and has become the most prominent spelling in recent decades; he was also known in Latin, variously, as Raimundus, Raymundus, or Raimundo, his surname being given as Lullus, Lullius, and Lulio; and was prominently Anglicised as Raymond Lully or simply Raymond Lull.