Pulaski Farm Encounters (1973)

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The Pulaski (Kowalczyk) Farm Encounters were a cluster of unusual sightings that took place in early October 1973 on a Vances Mill Road farm near Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. The name Stephen Pulaski was a pseudonym used in B. E. Schwarz's after reports on the incident; the main witness was, in fact, George Michael Kowalczyk (1951-1993), a coal miner at the Maple Creek Preparations Plant of the U.S. Steel Mining Co.

The sightings involved Kowalczyk and unidentified juvenile twins venturing out into the fields of his father's farm, where they encountered (and shot at) three-toed crypto-hominids who controlled a glowing red UFO. Not long after that sighting, Kowalczyk reportedly experienced a fugue state and had a post-visitation trance that featured visions of the Grim Reaper and a warning that "if these people don't straighten out, the whole world will burn."


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