Psycho Success Club

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Psycho Success Club

1907 newspaper ad for the Psycho Success Club

Formation c. 1907
Headquarters New York City, NY
President Elmer E. Knowles

The Psycho Success Club was a New York-based mail-order outfit, organised by Elmer Ellsworth Knowles (a.k.a. Elmer Sidney Prather) in around 1907, self-described in their advertising as the "most powerful mental organization the world has ever known,"[1] offering the "Mystic Formula" and "Harmony Key" as part of a correspondence course covering "hypnotism, mysteries of magic, astrology, clairvoyance, graphology, palmistry, and the black arts"[2] to paying students. The club was compared to A. Victor Segno's Segno Success Club,[3] a Los Angeles-based mail-order program that promised "mental waves" would be sent out to assist paying members in achieving success in their endeavours.



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