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The New Psychological Religion
Formation 1929
Moscow, Idaho
Dissolution 1955
Purpose/focus Religious
Headquarters Moscow, Idaho
Founder Frank Bruce Robinson
Main organ Psychiana [Monthly; Quarterly; Weekly; Bulletin] (1931-1952)

Psychiana, Inc. was a religious organisation based in Moscow, Latah Co., Idaho, originally incorporated by Frank Bruce Robinson in late 1929 as an Idaho non-profit. At its peak, it was claimed to be one of the largest religious movements in the United States, and handled many thousands of pieces of mail every day. Per their own advertising, Psychiana's teachings were based on the Christian Bible, and specifically sought to correct "misunderstood sayings" of Jesus Christ and to show how to manifest the powers he displayed in Scripture.

Selected Publications

  • Robinson, Frank B., Your God-Power: with Twenty Lessons Showing How to Find and Use It, Moscow, Idaho: Psychiana Inc. 
  • Robinson, Frank B. (1930), The God Nobody Knows, Moscow, Idaho: Psychiana Inc. 
  • Robinson, Frank B. (1941), God and Dr. Bannister: This War Can Be Stopped, Moscow, Idaho: Psychiana Inc.,  — a novel that, per the advertising copy, "deals with Dr. Howard Bannister, a world famous San Francisco preacher, who, finally seeing the light and discovering what God really is, staggers his congregation by informing it that the story of Jesus Christ is absolute fiction, not fact. THEN THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN. INSIDE OF ONE WEEK, THIS SAN FRANCISCO CHURCH HAS THROWN ENOUGH OF THE POWER OF GOD AGAINST HITLER TO CAUSE HIM TO COMMIT SUICIDE."
  • Robinson, Frank B. (1943), A Prophet Speaks: The Cause and Cure of War, Moscow, Idaho: Psychiana Inc. 


  • In their own words (from Amazing Stories of June 1947, v21n6):

    "The Psychiana Religion is, as its name implies, a religious Movement operating under Idaho non-profit religious charter. We are in our 18th year of exclusive operation through the emails. More than half a million people EACH MONTH receive our literature. We operate in our own peculiar way which is different from that of any other religion in America. We plead with every American to allow us to point out this new revelation of the Spirit of God. It is the only revelation which can bring permanent Peace to the human race. It has its inspiration in the Realm of The Spirit of God."

  • "'PSYCHIANA' (The New Psychological Religion)", Herald-Press (Saint Joseph, MI): 16, 9 May 1931, 

    A new and revolutionary religious teaching based entirely on the misunderstood sayings of the Galilean Carpenter, and designed to show and find how to use the identical power that He used.

    "PSYCHIANA" Believes and Teaches as Follows:

    FIRST: That the message of the Christ as given by Him to the world 2000 years ago has been MISSED IN ITS ENTIRETY.

    SECOND: That religious tradition and superstition have hidden the message in an interpretation of His teachings which is utterly erroneous.

    THIRD: That the very same Power which Jesus used and demonstrated and which He said we would be able to use, IS AT OUR DISPOSAL TODAY.

    FOURTH: That when Jesus said "The things that I do shall ye do also," He literally meant what He said. We believe that the New Psychology is proving the existence of such a power, but is erroneously calling it "subconscious mind."

    FIFTH: That there is no such a thing as "subconscious mind" and what has been alluded to as such is, in reality, nothing more nor less than a manifestation of an INVISIBLE, LITTLE KNOWN POWER — the very same Power that Jesus used and demonstrated.

    SIXTH: That this power is not exclusive in Jesus, but is UNIVERSAL. When once understood and used, this dynamic power is willing and abundantly able to give HEALTH, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

    EVERY READER is cordially invited, with no obligation incurred, to write for details of this remarkable interpretation of Christ's teachings, and a free lecture by Dr. Robinson, founder of "PSYCHIANA" and author of "THE GOD NOBODY KNOWS," which will open to you an entirely new horizon of thought that will carry you beyond any teaching you have believed. MAILED WITHOUT OBLIGATION.