Prophecy of Kremna (Tarabić Prophecy)

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The Prophecy of Kremna (Serbian: Креманско пророчанство, Kremansko Proročanstvo), also known as the Kremansk Prophecy or Tarabić Prophecy, are a collection of visions attributed to Mitar Tarabić (Митар Тарабић, 1829-1899) or his uncle Miloš Tarabić (Милош Тарабић), Serbian peasants resident at Kremna (Кремна), a village near Užice in the Principality of Serbia, during the reign of the Obrenović dynasty. The Tarabić prophecies were claimed to have been transcribed by the local Orthodox priest, Zaharije Zaharić (Захарије Захарић), who was said to have later given his transcriptions to Radovan Kazimirović (Радовану Казимировићу), who in turn published them under the title Тајанствене појаве у српском народу и Креманско пророчанство (English: "Mysterious Phenomena Among the Serbian People and Kremansk Prophecy").