Project Antares

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Project Antares
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas
Director Meredith V. Gorman
Main organ Ufology News

Project Antares was a Texas-based ufology organisation, "dedicated to gathering and evaluating data on flying saucers", including conducting polls and publishing newsletters.[1] The project was described as being an off-shoot the Fort Worth Astronomy Club, and reportedly took over the publishing of the zine Ufology News, formerly under the editorship of Ralph F. Sandbach, Jr.[2]


  1. Palmer, Ray, ed. (December 1958), "Flying Saucer Club News", Flying Saucers (Amherst, Wisconsin: Palmer Publications Inc.): 75-76,, "Project Antares is a national organization, dedicated to gathering and evaluating data on flying saucers. We are planning to conduct a nation-wide "saucer poll" this winter, to see how public opinion has changed on the subject since the last poll in late '57. Anyone who can help in this project is welcome." 
  2. Munsick, Lee R., ed. (May 1960), "News of the Other UFO-Zines", UFO Newsletter (Morristown, N.J.: Fulcrum Productions): 28-29,,%20Lee%20Munsick)/UFO%20Newsletter%20no%2013.pdf, "UFOLOGY NEWS, formerly edited by Ralph F. Sandbach, Jr. of 415 Morton Avenue, Butler 1, Pennsylvania, was taken over last year by Project Antares, an ambitious group formed four years ago as a section of the Fort Worth Astronomy Club. The editorship was nominally assumed by Project Director Meredith Gorman, 3544 Bryan Street, Fort Worth, Tex. But since the change, the paper has not appeared, much to Ufology's loss. This was a fine effort under Sandbach."