Prof. Wilson's Magneto-Conservative Garments

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Prof. Wilson's Magneto-Conservative Garments
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Advertisement in the New York Sun (1894)

a.k.a. Professor Wilson's Magneto-Electricity Conserving Garments
Medical Claims Cure of "Nervous Prostration, Kidney and Liver Disease, Rheumatism, Gout, Stiff Joints, Paralysis, Locomotor Ataxia, Writer's Cramp, Loss of Memory, Giddiness, Varicose, and Every Other Form of Disease" etc. etc.
Creator(s) William C. Wilson
Vendors New York & London Electric Assoc.

Professor Wilson's Magneto-Conservative Garments is a complete line of metal-studded clothing, including "nerve cap", "throat protector" (neck brace), "nerve and lung invigorator" (tunic), "shoulder appliance" (harness), waist belt, sciatic, knee, and leg coverings, underwear, anklet brace, and shoe insoles, designed to work individually and in unison to restore health by creating a magnetic field around the wearer. The garments were manufactured by the New York & London Electric Association, and sold regionally by local agents, beginning in the late nineteenth (and into the early twentieth) century.

The association (and Prof. William C. Wilson) also sold a line of pocket batteries called "Actina" that promised to restore eyesight, treat deafness, and cure catarrh, among other ailments.