Probe the Unknown (periodical)

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Probe—The Unknown
Editor Dick Hennessy; Han Kim
Publisher Rainbow Publications
Country United States
Language English

Probe the Unknown (subtitle: "Incredible But True Stories From This Baffling World") is an English-language periodical that was published during the 1970s at Burbank, California by Rainbow Publications under the editorial direction of Dick Hennessy and Han Kim.


Vol. No. Month Year Contents
1 1 Dec. 1972
1 2 Mar. 1973
1 3 Jun. 1973 "Proving the Power of Meditation"; "Electro-Magnetic Engine"; "New Search for Atlantis!"; "James Dean's Death Car"; "Mystery of Poplar Ridge"; "The Lingering Spirit of Dennis Cook"; "The Cynic Who Became a Healer" (re: Lawrence LeShan); "Be Kind to Your Unpaying Guests!"; "Oriental Astrology"; "Truth-Finding Trials by Poison"; "Planets Give Us a Charge"
1 4 Aug. 1973 "A Patent on ESP" (re: Branko Krenusa); "The Great Lost-Continent Caper" "Firewalkers of Mt. Takao"; "For Fear of the Gris-Gris"; "A Day in the Life of a 2500-Old Healer"; "Kirlian Photography"; "'Everyone Has the Same Power!'" (re: Gerard Croiset); "How to Discover Life After Death"; "The Ninth House"; "The Good Music of Motilal Gandhi"
1 5 Oct. 1973 "Jess Stearn: The Psychic-Aquarian Age"; "The Spirits of Mau Sun"; "Psychic Obstacles in an Ancient Cave"; "Stalking the Elusive Spectre"; "And Along Comes a Crime"; "Experimenting with Pyramid Power"; "Atlantis Update"; "West Point's Ghostly Calvaryman"; "Astrological Warfare"; "'I'm Destined to Shake People Up!'" (re: Richard Ireland)
1 6 Dec. 1973
2 1 Feb. 1974 "Japan on Fire"; "Astro-Terrestrial Terror"; "Psychic Energy: The New Language of Perception"; "Cataclysms"; "The Painting That Comes to Life"; "To Catch a UFO"; "The Mud That Heals"; "Dreamkeepers"; "Atlantis Update"; "A Planetary Citizen"
2 2 Spring 1974 "Kidnapped" (re: Pascagoula, MI abductions); "Author of the Gods?" (re: Erich von Daniken); "UFO-Gazing in the Land of Blue Grass"; "A Sense of Sport"; "They're Flying Over Los Angeles, Too"; "Buzzing Japan"; "KUFO: Call Letters for an Open Mind on an Open Mike"; "The Distortion Factor"; "Who Will Speak for Planet Earth?" (re: Stanton Friedman); "'I'm Not a Prophet of Doom!'" (re: Jacqueline Eastlund); "A New Way of Looking at the World"
2 3 Summer 1974 "Exorcism and Exorcists"; "Fly Me, I'm NASA"; "If I See Myself Later, I'll Say Hello" (re: Robert Monroe); "Keeping In Tone With Your Body"; "Can an Attractive Psychic Be For Real?" (re: Bernadette Villanueva); "Rhyme of a Modern Mariner" (re: Julian Ritter, a man who lost in the South Sea for 87 days aboard the haunted ship Galilee); "A Psychic Sherlock Holmes" (re: Jan Seers); "When Uri Geller Hits Britain, Parliament is Dissolved"; "Lights Over Them Purple Plains"
2 4 Fall 1974
2 5 Winter 1974
3 1 Mar. 1975 "Life on Mars" (Don Bane); "Psychic Fires" (Chuck Parker); "Sasquatch" (Richard Smedley); "Bermuda Oval" (Barry Goldman); "Conversations with the 'Other Side'" (Leslie D. Zerg); "Kenosha Lights" (Jon Ziomek); "Electronic Acupuncture" (Barry Taff); "Sandy Duncan" (Sandra Cawson); "Psychic Women: Jeane Dixon" (Bob Schultz); "Psychic Women: Doris Collins" (Robert Birchard); "Psychic Women: Gisele MacKenzie" (Sandra Cawson)
3 2 May 1975 "Will Atlantis Rise from Antarctica Ice?" (Bob Schultz); "Life's Time Clock" (Haskell Barkin); "Science Now Validates Moon Myths" (Russ Idler); "Parapsychology Today" (D. Scott Rogo); "Tape Recordings Document Seattle Haunting" (Bart Ellis); "People are Disappearing" (Brad Steiger); "When TV Tunes to Another Dimension" (Vincent H. Gaddis); "Magicians vs. Psychics" (Raymond Bayless); "Blythe, California — Gigantic Petroglyphs" (Richard Smedley); "Do Animals Really Possess A 6th Sense" (Dennis V. Waite)
3 3 Jul. 1975 "Astral Projection: Journey Out of the Physical Body" (Alan Vaughan); "Were More than 100 Cattle Killed and Surgically Dissected by Ufonauts?" (Hayden C. Hewes); "Table Levitation" (D. Scott Rogo); "The Ganzfeld Technique" (Rogo); "The Ouija Board" (Raymond Bayless, William Addams Welch); "Strange Men in Black Threaten UFO Investigators" (Brad Steiger); "America's Most Popular Witch: Sybil Leek" (Martin Ebon); "Dowsing for Oil" (Haskell Barkin); "Capturing the Unknown on Film" (Walter H. Uphoff); "Eastern Philosophy — Western Science" (George Koch); "Search for Noah's Ark" (Bob Schultz)
3 4 Sep. 1975 "Who is Controlling Your Mind?"; "Stigmata"; "The Care and Feeding of Extraterrestrial Plants"; "The Mystery of the Medallions"; "Earthquake"; "Eyeless Sight"; "Time Travel"; "Test Your Own Psychic Powers"; "Apports — Things That Go Bump in the Night"; "Alien Prospectors are Here"; "The Perils of Prophecy"; Interview with a Psychic Healer: Olga Worrall
3 5 Nov. 1976
4 1 Jan. 1976
4 2 Mar. 1976
4 3 May 1976 "Biofeedback Invades Top 40" (Catherine Coggins); "Human Lightning Rods" (Vincent H. Gaddis); "Oliver: The Bald Chimpanzee or The 'Missing Link'?" (Coggins); "Take a Deep Breath and Relax" (M. Uyehara); "Commenary: 'Sure, And It Was Wearing a Pink Bikini!'"; "The Loch Ness Monster: Fact or Fable?" (Coggins); "The Sleuths With Something Extra" (Patrick Mahoney); "Cancer Patient, Heal Thyself" (Jack Murray); "Probe Follow-Up: Recent Research Suggests Expanded Role for 'Third Eye'" (Coggins); "No Final Decision on Arizona UFO Kidnap" (Coggins)
4 4 Jul. 1976
4 5 Sep. 1976 "You Can Learn ESP"; "Bill Corrado: Psychic Consultant to 'Captains and Kings'"; "It's Raining, It's Pouring... In the Living Room!"; "Astrogenetics: Forget the Stars!"; "Meet John Green: The Bigfoot Hunter's Bigfoot Hunter"; "Can Biorhythms Call Superbowl '77?"; "The Yoga Primer"; "Try These Yoga Asanas Yourself"; "One Night in Carnac"; "Tuning in Past Civilizations"
4 6 Nov. 1976 "Great Galloping Ginseng! What Do the FDA and FTC Have Against It?" (Nick O'Prancter); "'A Prophet is Not Without Honor, Save in His Own Country" (Patrick Mahony); "'Next Up: The Earthquake Forecast...'" (Jean Bomba, Catherine Coggins); "What Was That?" (Curtis Sutherly); "In Search of Haunted Houses — Part I" (D. Scott Rogo); "The 'Big Bird' You'll Never See on Sesame Street" (Jack Murray); "Astrogenetics" (Edmund L. Van Deusen)
5 1 Jan. 1977
5 2 Spring 1977 "Psychic Medicine - The New Frontier"; "Is the World on the Brink of an Ice Age?"; "Exorcism: Prelude to Nightmare"; "Moon Myths and Madness"; "Fire Poltergeists in the Dark Continent"; "PK: Test Your Power of Mind Over Matter"; "Mystic Guide to Color Psychology"; "A Memory of Things To Come"
- - Fall 1979
- - May 1980
- - July 1980