Pino Turolla

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Pino Turolla
Born 14 April 1921(1921-04-14)
Istria, Kingdom of Italy
Died 7 September 1984 (63)
Miami Beach, Florida

Pino Turolla (April 14, 1921 - September 7, 1984) was an Italian-born explorer, associated with J. Manson Valentine's expeditions in Ecuador and the Bahamas, as well as his own later excursions through South America. Turolla was reported to have employed unorthodox, psychic techniques in his archaeological studies, including map dowsing.[1]

Selected Bibliography

  • Turolla, Pino (1980), Beyond The Andes: My Search for the Origins of Pre-Inca Civilization, New York: Harper and Row 


  1. Goodman, Jeffrey (1977), "Psychic Archaeology from the Soviet Union to Tennessee", Psychic Archaeology: Time Machine to the Past, London: Wildwood House, p. 179-180,, "At face value there is nothing out of the ordinary about Turolla’s work — except for the fact that he relies on map dowsing and his own psychic impressions to guide him radarlike to his finds!"