Pellegrino Ernetti

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Pellegrino Ernetti
Born 13 October 1925(1925-10-13)
Rocca Santo Stefano, Italy
Died 8 April 1994 (68)
San Giorgio Maggiore, Italy
Nationality Italian
Field(s) Musicology
Affiliations Schola di San Giorgio Maggiore - Venezia, Order of Saint Benedict

Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (October 13, 1925 - April 8, 1994) was an Italian monk of the Benedictine Order and musicologist (focused on pre- and early Christian works), popularly claimed to be the creator of the Chronovisor, a device that purportedly enables the user to see and hear scenes from the past via an unknown process involving harmonic resonance.

Selected Works



  • Ernetti, Pellegrino M. (1980), La Prepolifonia: Principi Filosofici e Teologici della Musica, 1, Rome: Edi-Pan  — ["Prepolyphony: Philosophical and Theological Principles of Music"]