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Paul Amadeus Dienach[i] (Greek: Πάουλ Αμαντέους Ντήναχ) was, according to Greek-language book Η Κοιλαδα των Ροδων, a pseudonym of a Swiss-Austrian author of the diaries that were translated and published as the book in question, in which are narrated his experiences after time travelling to the year 3906 AD by possessing the body of a future man[ii] called Andreas Northam (Ανδρέας Νόρθαμ), as a form of transmigration, after falling into a coma some one thousand nine hundred and eight-five years earlier in 1921 AD. Dienach was stated to have, following his recovery in 1922 AD, written the diaries recounting his year in the future before dying of tuberculosis in early 1924, aged 38, while en route from Greece to Switzerland through Italy, having left his papers in the care of a German-language pupil, Georgios Papachatzis (Γεώργιος Παπαχατζής), the credited translator (and probable author) of the book.

The Dienach book was privately published, in Greek, by Papachatzis under the title Η Κοιλαδα Των Ροδων (English: "The Valley of the Roses") in around 1972. Papachatzis had also written two articles in Parnassos literary magazine about Dienach and the diaries: "Η συμπλήρωση σαρανταδύο χρόνων απ' τον καιρό της πρώτης μου συνάντησης με τον Paul Dienach" ("The completion of forty-two years from the time of my first meeting with Paul Dienach") in 1966;[A] and "Στοχασμοί πάνω στην 'Κοιλάδα των Ρόδων' του Ντινάχ" ("Reflection on 'Valley of the Roses' by Dienach") in 1973. A later critical edition was published by Papachatzis in 1979.[Β]

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The first edition of Η Κοιλάδα των Ρόδων is credited as being published in 1972, though it seems to have circulated at least as early as 1966, judging from articles in the literary journal Parnassos (ΠΑΡΝΑΣΣΌΣ).



  1. Dienach is sometimes given as Dinach or Dinah. A photograph attached to several articles about the diaries is not of P.-A. Dienach or anyone associated with the story: it is a mugshot of Daniel Tohill (incorrectly labelled in the original pair of shots as Daniel Lohill), taken on 11 June 1908 by the New Zealand Police, currently in the archives of the New Zealand Police Museum. More details @
  2. Or, if not a man, a being of a new stage in evolution tracing itself back to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, referred to as Ηοmο Occidentalis Novus.