Patrick Harpur - Daimonic Reality (1997 FortFest video)

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Patrick Harpur on "Daimonic Reality" (


  • Harpur, Patrick (1995), Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld, New York: Viking Adult,  — "'Daimonic Reality' is a sweeping look at strange, otherworldly events in the world around us - UFOs, fairies, phantom animals, visions of the Virgin Mary, alien abductions, and mysterious lights in the sky. But rather than simply listing the events, Patrick Harpur shows how they can all be tied together using his concept of Daimonic Reality. Starting with a look at the events themselves, Harpur shows how they are connected by using ideas proposed by Carl Jung and the Romantic poets, William Butler Yeats and William Blake. Harpur connects the old-fashioned fairies to the modern occupants of UFOs. He highlights the similarities in sightings of the older Black Dogs, more recent mysterious cats, and Yetis, Yowies, and Bigfoot. Lights in the sky have existed throughout history - once they were seen as witches, now they are UFOs. The ephemeral materializations of Spiritualism's seances have been replaced by tangible crop circles. And all of them are manifestations of Daimonic Reality."