Pabst's Okay (O.K.) Specific

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Pabst's Okay (O.K.) Specific
Medical Claims The copy promises that it "Cures Positively and Without Fail Gonorrhoea and Gleet."
Vendors Pabst Chemical Co.

Pabst's Okay (O.K.) Specific is an early twentieth century patent medicine that was marketed as a cure for gonorrhea, sold by Pabst Chemical Co. of Chicago. The product has the dubious distinction of having been cited for misbranding no less than twenty-three times by the Food and Drug Administration in 1918-19.[1]


An FDA analysis made in 1931 of Pabst's O.K. Specific found it "consisted essentially of cubeb oil, copaiba oleoresin, buchu extract, sugar, alcohol, and water."[2]


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