Oxford Phasmatological Society

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Oxford Phasmatological Society
Abbreviation The Phas.
Formation 1879
Dissolution 1890
Purpose/focus Parapsychology
Headquarters Oxford, England
Key people Charles Oman, Henry Nicholas Ridley, Percival Keep, F. C. S. Schiller, Cuthbert Hamilton Turner, Frank Podmore

The Oxford Phasmatological Society (The Phas.) was a British parapsychology organisation, specialising in "ghosts and apparitions," founded in 1879 by students at Oxford University, including Charles Oman.[1] Oman called the society a forerunner of the Society for Psychical Research, and some of the group's reports were later compiled for publication by Frederic Myers.[1]

Selected Publications

  • Selections from the Papers of the Phasmatological Society, Oxford, 1882 


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