Otis T. Carr

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Otis T. Carr
Born 7 December 1904(1904-12-07)
Elkins, West Virginia
Died 20 September 1982 (77) [1]
Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Workplace(s) OTC Enterprises; Carrotto Dynamics Inc.; Utron Atomic Development Inc.
Known for OTC-X1 flying saucer

Otis T. Carr (December 7, 1904 - September 20, 1982) was an American saucerian and founder of OTC Enterprises, who promoted himself as a protégé of Nikola Tesla and discoverer of new physics, including what he called the "utron."


Carr was born and raised in Elkins, West Virginia. Following his graduation from Elkins public schools, Carr enrolled in the Ohio School of Commercial Art, where he studied for one year before leaving to join the Art Students League of New York City for a further two-and-a-half years. For a time, Carr was employed as a hotel clerk in Manhattan, where, according to his claims, he met and subsequently studied under Nikola Tesla in 1925. He later worked in advertising, including stints with Rosenbaum Brothers Department Store (Cumberland, MD) and Levin Brothers Department Store (Charleston, WV).

Following up on his career in advertising, Carr came into the saucerian scene with the bold claim to have discovered and built upon the work of Nikola Tesla. He founded Otis T. Carr (OTC) Enterprises between convention circuit stops and radio appearances, promising technological innovation unseen in the world.

Utron Electric Accumulator

OTC Enterprises held a press conference in Baltimore on 28 October 1957, during which Carr announced his "ultron electric accumulator", a free energy device, to the world. He stated that, in addition to the more convention use as a household generator, it would be used to power a circular foil spacecraft that would "hedgehop among the planets (of the solar system) in controlled flight."

The proposed plans, as presented in a brochure, were sent to President Eisenhower and other U.S. officials; the Army reported two months later it had sent representatives to meet with Carr and inspect a model, but had no interest in the project after seeing it. Despite apparent lack of government interest, the press conference received broad media attention, which Carr parlayed into cash investments for a test model of his saucer, the OTC-X1.

OTC-X1 Flight Tests

The first flight of the OTC-X1 was scheduled for a Sunday, 19 April, 1959 at 15:00, to be launched from the site of the Frontier City amusement park. On the appointed date the crowds gathered, but were disappointed when Carr did not show up. The flight was scrubbed, allegedly due to a faulty bearing. Carr himself was later found checked in to Mercy hospital, where he had been admitted for eight days due to a lung hemorrhage.

The new planned takeoff date was to be 7 December, 1959 - Carr's 55th birthday - with an adjustment of some hours from the original plan, it was reported, after Carr received messages from "a couple of lovely girls in St. Louis" who were in contact with Martians. As with the previous attempt, this too was scrubbed and the hopes of a manned flight by utron-powered saucer faded.

State Securities Conviction

Carr was arrested in May 1959 for violating state securities regulations (selling stock without an Oklahoma license), then tried in November of the same year and fined $5000. After numerous appeals, Carr surrendered to authorities in July 1960, unable to pay the fine, and was incarcerated in Oklahoma City, paying down the $5000 fine "at a rate of $1 a day." Despite Carr's incarceration, others continued to offer stock in O.T.C. Enterprises until the sale was halted by the courts.

Later Life

After being paroled, Carr spent the remainder of his life in relative seclusion, but did not cease his interest in free energy: in 1964, he incorporated a new concern, Carr Gravity-Electrodynamic Systems, and spent the better part of the next decade continuing his attempts to solicit private money and government funding for his research and development efforts, but this venture ultimately failed as well.[2] He passed away in September 1982 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Selected Bibliography

Selected Patents

  • US 2912244, Carr, Otis T., "Amusement Device", published 1959-11-10  — "The present invention contemplates a novel amusement device having the overall configuration of a space craft and being formed in various sections, with portions of the sections being rotated in opposite directions to give the impression of movement to the passengers."


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