Oscar Magocsi

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Oscar Magocsi
Alias(es) Mágocsi Oszkár
Born 5 February 1928(1928-02-05)
Budapest, Hungary
Died 8 September 2002 (74)
Nationality Hungarian
Noted work(s) My Space Odyssey in UFOs

Oscar Magocsi (Hungarian: Mágocsi Oszkár; February 5, 1928 - September 8, 2002) was a Hungarian-born Canadian contactee who stated he was in physical and telepathic contact with Quentin and Argus, beings from the planet Argona.


Magocsi studied electrical engineering in Hungary, but left the country after the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956, emigrating to Canada in 1957, where he settled in Toronto, Ontario, and worked as an electronic technician with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).


Magocsi reported first seeing a UFO in 1974, an event that, he said, was followed a year later, in 1975, by contact with the Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds, which he described as a body governing some thirty-three galaxies and into different dimensions, using "hyperspace-technology and a system of star gates for interstellar and intergalactic space travel."[1] Magocsi also claimed that he had been taken aboard a Federation mothership and taken to Argona, a planet in another galaxy, and that after this first trip, he remained in regular contact with his new allies, each time being given new lessons and information to pass along.

In addition to the Federation, Magocsi said that there was also an Imperial Alliance of Righteous Worlds, representing "mainly non-humanoid hostile species," and that the Federation and Alliance are rivals who have been in "a Cold War for thousands of years," each seeking to bring planets under their sway, and that "both sides have multiple secret bases on our planet and in our Solar System."[1]

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