Oriental Order of Zouaves

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The Oriental Order of Zouaves was an American semi-military fraternal organisation, founded by M. A. Dillon of the Union Veterans Union and Medal of Honor Legion at Washington, D.C. in February 1896. The order gave as its main purpose the "cultivation of a spirit of Americanism and the strict enforcement of the Monroe doctrine," being "national in its scope" and admitting "citizens of all ages and good character to membership."[1]

Just over a year after being founded, in 1897, the Zouaves merged with the Independent Order of Zoroaster to become the Oriental Order of Zoroaster.

Press Coverage

  • "ORIENTAL ORDER OF ZOUAVES. A New National Semi-Military Organization Formed at Washington.", Times (Philadelphia, PA): 7, 10 Feb. 1896,, "WASHINGTON, February 9. — A new national semi-military organization has been formed here by General M. A. Dillon, founder of the Union Veterans' Union and the Medal of Honor Legion. The organization is called the Oriental Order of Zouaves, and its principal objects are to cultivate among citizens of all classes and ages a strong spirit of Americanism, with a special view to rigid enforcement of the Monroe doctrine. The uniform of the order is very attractive in design, combining the national colors. The order has an elaborate ritual and installations will be conducted in public. The relief of members in distress and of their widows and orphans is part of the plan of the organization." 


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