Ole J. Sneide

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Ole J. Sneide
Born 27 April 1886(1886-04-27)
Nausa, Nordre Bergenhus amt, Norway
Died 31 August 1947 (61)
San Francisco, California

Ole Johannes Sneide (April 27, 1886 - August 31, 1947) was a Norwegian-born accountant who went on the record following the Kenneth Arnold flying saucer sightings of June 1947 as believing that the craft observed were "oblate spheroid space ships from the older planets"[1] that were "sent out by 'The Great Master,' who left the earth in disgust after the fall of the Roman Empire and now resides on the dark side of the moon."[2] Not long after making his report, Sneide passed away, leaving a will that bequeathed property to the San Francisco Municipal Art Commission for the purpose of erecting a statue of Aphrodite in Golden Gate Park and posthumously publishing his manuscripts, Heimrhibeat ("homework").[3]