Norman Barclay

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Norman Barclay
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As seen in advertising for
"The Power That Rules the World" (c. 1914)

Norman Barclay was an English psychologist, creator of the Norman Barclay System, founder of the Norman Barclay National School of Sciences (a mail-order program), and author of "The Power That Rules the World", noted in particular as being the subject of an import ban by Australian authorities.[1]

Selected Bibliography

  • Barclay, Norman (1914), Revelations of a Mysterious Force, or the Power that Rules the World 
  • Barclay, Norman, The Norman Barclay System: A Complete Correspondence Course on Fascination, Personal Influence, Memory Training, Magnetism, Character Building, Hypnotic and Telepathic Powers, Mental and Magnetic Healing and the Development of the Inner Forces