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Norman Barclay
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As seen in advertising for
The Power That Rules the World (c. 1914)

Affiliations Norman Barclay National School of Sciences (mail-order program)

Norman Barclay was an English psychologist, creator of the Norman Barclay System and author of The Power That Rules the World, a book that was the subject of an import ban by Australian[1] and Canadian[2] authorities.

Selected Bibliography

  • Barclay, Norman (1914), Revelations of a Mysterious Force, or the Power that Rules the World 
  • Barclay, Norman, The Norman Barclay System: A Complete Correspondence Course on Fascination, Personal Influence, Memory Training, Magnetism, Character Building, Hypnotic and Telepathic Powers, Mental and Magnetic Healing and the Development of the Inner Forces 

Press Coverage


  • In 1914, Barclay's advertisements gave an address of 1001 Walter House, Bedford Street, Strand, London, W. C., England; starting in 1915, his operations seem to have removed to Argyll House, Kensington High Street, London, W., England.


  2. "The postal authorities announce that a fraud order has been issued against Norman Barclay, Argyll House, Kensington High Strete, London, England.", Vernon News (Vernon, BC): 2, 30 Sep. 1915,, "This man has been forwarding to Canada literature of a fortune telling description. Letters are not to be forwarded to the above address, neither are money orders to be made payable to Norman Barclay."