New York Institute of Science

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New York Institute of Science

An advertisement for the Philosophy of Personal Influence by X. La Motte Sage.
Formation 1899
Dissolution 1912
Purpose/focus Magnetic Healing
Occult Science
Headquarters Rochester, NY
President E. Virgil Neal (co-founder)
Vice President Thomas F. Adkin (co-founder)
President (G.M.) Charles S. Clark

The New York Institute of Science of Rochester, N.Y. was a mail-order company offering courses and degrees in the studies of personal magnetism, hypnosis, and occult science. It operated from 1899 until 1912, when the U.S. Post Office banned the mailing of its literature, effectively shuttering the organisation.[1] The institute was initially founded by E. Virgil Neal (under his alias X. La Motte Sage), Thomas F. Adkin, and others in 1899, but was transferred to Charles S. Clark and his partners some few years later, though Clark continued to represent the institute in advertising as if "Dr. X. LaMotte Sage" were the active president.

Selected Publications

  • La Motte Sage, X. (1900), A Correspondence Course in Personal Magnetism, Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Magnetic Healing, Suggestive Therapeutics, Psycho-Therapeutics, Etc., Rochester, N.Y.: New York Institute of Science 
  • La Motte Sage, X. (1901), A Scientific Treatise on the Uses and Possibilities of Personal Magnetism, Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics, Magnetic Healing and Allied Phenomena: Together with a Chapter on "How to Acquire the Power.", Rochester, N.Y.: New York Institute of Science