New York Institute of Physicians and Surgeons (Adkin)

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New York Institute of Physicians and Surgeons
Formation c. 1900
Dissolution c. 1905
Headquarters Rochester, NY
President Thomas F. Adkin (co-founder)

The New York Institute of Physicians and Surgeons of Rochester, New York that was a vehicle for the mail-order promotion and sale of Thomas F. Adkin's Vitaopathy, a medical treatment scheme based on the application of mind cure in conjunction with proprietary vegetable remedies. The concern was in operation from 1900 through to 1905, at which time it was denied access to the U.S. mails under a fraud order issued by the Postmaster General.

Selected Publications

  • Vitaopathy: A Common Sense System of Curing Diseases
  • Amazing Results : Follow the Adkin Vitaopathic Treatment : No Faith or Belief Required : Our Treatment is Endorsed by Medical Men and Scientists All Over the World : It Appeals to Every Intelligent Person...

Administration, Consulting Board & Staff

  • Thomas F. Adkin
  • A. J. Barber
  • L. B. Hawley
  • W. H. Curtis
  • John S. Reed
  • E. M. Day
  • Emil Klein
  • S. Dutton Whitney
  • Eugene Hunt
  • G. S. Lincoln
  • H. G. Doane
  • Rudolph Mielke
  • P. W. Erdtmann
  • Marie Norton
  • D. A. Dobie
  • E. H. Pollock
  • F. W. Winter
  • A. W. Jackson
  • W. Edward Young
  • H. C. Abel
  • C. F. Drake
  • J. W. Horter
  • Edward B. Herick
  • W. W. Hadley


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