National Christian Association (anti-secretist)

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National Christian Association
Formation organised 1868; incorporated 1874
Dissolution 1983
Purpose/focus Anti-Secretism
Headquarters Chicago, Ill.
Main organ The Christian Cynosure

The National Christian Association was an American anti-secretist organisation, formed in 1868 and incorporated in 1874 at Chicago, Illinois, existing in order "to expose, withstand, and remove secret societies, Freemasonry in particular, and other anti-christian movements, in order to save the churches of Christ from being depraved, to redeem the administration of justice from perversion, and our republican government from corruption."[1] Toward that end, the association published a regular newspaper, The Christian Cynosure, and hosted conferences across the United States, at which speakers "directed attention to the anti-christian and despotic character of the secret lodge system," as well as "its deceitful and dangerous work."[1]

Among the groups early lecturers was Edmond Ronayne (1832-1911), a former Past Master of the Keystone Lodge No. 639 (Chicago, Illinois), who wrote anti-Masonic books, including The Handbook of Free Masonry (1876) and The Master's Carpet, or Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical (1879).