N. W. Walker

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N. W. Walker
Born Norman Wardhaugh Walker
4 January 1886(1886-01-04)
Genoa, Liguria, Kingdom of Italy
Died 6 June 1985 (99)
Cottonwood, Yavapai Co., Arizona
Nationality British (by descent); American (imm. 1910; nat. 1918)
Affiliations Norwalk Laboratories of Health Research; Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research
Known for Norwalk Juicer (and raw juice advocacy in general)

Norman Wardhaugh Walker (January 4, 1886 - June 6, 1985) was an American advocate of raw food dieting with an emphasis on vegetable and fruit juices, as well as an adherent to autointoxication theories of human health.

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