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ᴹʸᶻᶦᵃᵐ (Myziam) was a poster on the internet website who posted on the board /x/ on 22 February 2017, claiming to be an extraterrestrial from the star ⱽᵃʳᶰ (Varn). The poster wrote in broken English using Unicode phonetic symbols, allegedly translated by a program called ᴸᵉᶦᵇᵃ (Leiba), that their spacecraft had run out of fuel while travelling across the galaxy and would be in orbit around ˣᶠᶜ-#0422 (Earth) until their team found them, estimating their recovery would take a year, and they would meanwhile be posting photos of the planet to 4chan, specifically of any location that users provided coordinates to; however, after posting several pictures and responding to questions and comments, the poster announced, a few minutes shy of three hours after their original post, that their team had unexpectedly arrived and they would be departing to investigate a new system, promising they ʷᶦᶫᶫ ʳᵉᵗᵘʳᶰ some day.