Mysterious Traveler (comic series)

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Mysterious Traveler Comics
Publisher Trans-World Publications
First issue 1948

Mysterious Traveler Comics

Mysterious Traveler Comics is a single-issue comic book magazine, published in November 1948 by Trans-World Publications, based on the radio anthology show The Mysterious Traveler that was broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS). It featured six stories, including: The Grand Vizier's Reward; Five Miles Down, based on the radio story by Robert A. Arthur, Jr. and David Kogan; The Tell-Tale Heart, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe; The Mystery of the Five Fingers; Raw Deal, based on the movie script by Leopold Atlas and John C. Higgins; and Take a Trip to India.


Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
Publisher Charlton Comics
First issue 1956
Final issue 1985

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler is a fifteen-issue comic book series, originally published by Charlton Comics as thirteen-issues from 1956 through 1959 and a later, brief two-issue revival 1985. The series notably included illustration work by Steve Ditko.

Issue Guide

Iss. Year Month Stories Credits Notes
1 1956 August The Mummy Vanishes; The Genie; Operation: Level; Where There's a Will...; He Came by Night; Man of a Thousand Faces
2 1957 February What Wilbur Saw...; The Cruel Dream; What Makes an Unusual Experience?; The Sentinel!; From the Depths of the Sea; The Urgent Call
3 1957 May The Man Who Came Back; Nothing Doing!; Secret Mission; Pipe Peril; The Only Law; Statement Required by the Act of August 24, 1912; The End of the Medium; The Fire Big!
4 1957 August Escape; Test of a Man; The Desert; The Peacemaker of Sidi-bel-abbes; Mutiny; Operation Blacksnake
5 1957 November The Man Below; Greed; The Beauty Seeker; Always an Adventure; Above the Topmost Peak; The Sultan; The Jungle's Mysteries
6 1957 December The Old Fool's Secret; When Old Doc Died; Mister Evriman; The Frozen Frigidgartus; The Old Fool; Little Lost Girl; Tomorrow's Punishment
7 1958 March And the Fear Grew; Not Normal; Night Hunt; Diamonds from Moonport; The Heel and the Healer; The Lonely One!
8 1958 July The Day of the Angels!; The Man Who Saw Again; Deluge; Is the Moon Made Out of G. C.?; Shadow and Substance; The Vision Came
9 1958 September The End of Edward; The Invited Guest; The Man Who Forgot; Messenger to Mars; A Day of Fun with Pop; Jackie and the Moon Men; The Imperial Double; The Thieving Magpie; The Dreamer!
10 1958 November Who Knows?; Little Boy Blue; Gary Garone's Ghost; A Day of Fun with Pop; Turn Back O' Time!; The Statues That Came to Life
11 1959 February The Other Form; Inside the Crystal Globe; Radiation Revenge; Valley of Eternity; The Clock; The Lives of Walter Dykes
12 1959 April Man Alone; A Day of "Fun With Pop"; Ad Infinitum; I Was There; Satisfied Customers
13 1959 June Incident on the 3rd Planet; Time Waits for No Man; Ina's Intuition; Need a Magician?; Base of Operations
14 1985 October What Wilbur Saw...; And the Fear Grew; Charlton Comics Communique; Hero of Shadowland
15 1985 December The Desert; Deadly Shadow; Mister Evriman; The Night Was Strange; The Planet Zog