Morehead's Magnetic Plaster

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Morehead's Magnetic Plaster
Medical Claims "The Great Strengthener and Pain Destroyer" would effectively "magnetise all pain" from the applied area
Creator(s) D.C. Morehead
Year created ~1849
Vendors D.C. Morehead; Hall & Ruckel [1]

Morehead's Magnetic Plaster was a body plaster that was produced by D.C. Morehead as a pain relief remedy in mid-to-late 19th century, promoted as affecting healing magnetism. Among the philatelist set, "Morehead's Magnetic Plaster" is notable for its 1¢ stamp, issued through 1849, a quantity of 196,200 thought to be in existence.[2]


Oleson's "Secret Nostrums and Systems of Medicine" (1890) reports the formula as being "tar and extract of belladonna, each in equal parts," though the claim is prefaced as being hearsay.[3]